Benefits and Discounts for EXPO Tickets

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan can obtain tickets with benefits and discounts.

These tickets can be purchased only on the day of visit to the Exhibition at ticket offices located at the entrances of the Exhibition, only upon presentation of a document certifying the right for a discount and an identity document.

Persons who can receive free tickets and purchase discounted tickets

A support person, who accompanies the person entitled to a free or discounted ticket

confirming the right to the benefit


Participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War (hereinafter, WWII)

1 (one) support person for free per 1 (one) participant or invalid of the WWII

Certificate of the participant/invalid of the WWII

100% of the Ticket cost

Persons equated in privileges and guarantees to participants and invalids of the WWII


Pension records book

100% of the Ticket cost

Disabled people of all groups

1 (one) support person for free per:

1 (one) disabled person, who uses a wheelchair,

1 (one) child with a disability,

1 (one) disabled person with visual impairment.

Disability certificate or pension records book

100% of the Ticket cost

Orphan children

1 (one) support person for free for a group of up to 10 (ten) children.

List of the orphanage children's names, signed by the director of the orphanage


Decision of the akimat (city administration) on transfer of a child to a family and an agreement on transfer of the child to a host/guest/foster family.

100% of the Ticket cost

Children under 6 years (inclusive)

Children must always be accompanied by an adult.

Discount for the accompanying adult is not available.

Copy of birth certificate

100% of the Ticket cost



Certificate from school with a photo (children who are over 12 years old). Under 12 years old - no certificate needed

50% of the Ticket cost

University students


Student's ID

50% of the Ticket cost



Pension certificate

50% of the Ticket cost

Mothers with many children's


Certificate to the medal

50% of the Ticket cost

Large families with four and more minor children living together


Copies of birth certificates of all children, address certificate for all the children and the persons entitled to purchase discounted tickets or a family certificate

50% of the Ticket cost


Discounts are not provided to foreign citizens. Exception – children under 6 years old. They are provided free entrance.

Benefits and discounts are not provided on tickets to cultural events.