Frequently asked questions


1.  How to buy tickets at the website 
To order a ticket online you must:
- the type of a ticket - a ticket with a fixed date or an open ticket;
- the required number of tickets;
- press the button "Buy ticket" and go to the "Shopping bag" section;
- fill in all the fields under "Order";
- choose the method of obtaining tickets - The electronic ticket;
- choose the payment method - a credit card online;
- Click the "Place the order".
You will be automatically redirected to the payment system menu. After receipt of money the order will be transferred to the state of "The order is paid."
If you encounter problems, please contact our specialists via the contact form or leave a question in our social accounts.

2.  How can I exchange or return an electronic ticket?
Tickets for EXPO-2017 cannot be exchanged. You can return the tickets purchased by you, and then get other ones. With return policy is available at website under "Ticket Return Policy".

3.  Is it necessary to exchange an electronic ticket into a hardcopy?
No, this is not necessary, as the electronic ticket is similar to ordinary "paper" ticket printed on the form.

4.  What is the difference between the tickets with a closed date and the tickets with an open date?
A ticket with the fixed date is valid for visiting the exhibition only on the date specified on the ticket. A ticket with an open date allows to visit the Exhibition at any day.

5.  Are there any limitations on the number of tickets ordered at once?
Yes, there is such a limitation. There can be no more than 50 tickets in one order.

6. Can I use the same ticket to enter the Exhibition several times during one day?
If you have exited the territory of the Exhibition, you cannot enter it again. 
The ticket allows entering the Exhibition only once.

7. Are tickets issued the buyer's name or can I give/donate it to another person?
The tickets are not personalized. Therefore, your friends or beloved ones can use it to enter the Exhibition.

Payment and payment problems

1.  The bank card payment failed. What to do?
For payment through the Internet the following cards are accepted: Visa and MasterCard.
Payment by card is only possible if the card supports 3-D Secure technology.
Before making payment, make sure that for your card there is an open possibility of payment on the Internet.

Entrance with children

1.  Till which age can children enter for free?
Children under the age of 6 years old can visit the Exhibitions for free accompanied by an adult.

2.  From which age can children enter the Exhibition without an adult?
A child can visit the show without an adult form the age of 12.

The day of visiting the Exhibition

1.  What should I have along while entering the Exhibition?
To ensure the safety of the Exhibition all the visitors are required to have an identity document.

2. What is the work schedule of the exhibition?
Opening hours of the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2017 are 09.00am to 1.00am daily. Last entry to visitors is 10.30pm