Dear Residents of the Capital and Guests of the Exhibition!

Let us all congratulate the residents of the Almaty region! After all, today, on the 15th of July, in the framework of the Culture Days celebrated in Almaty region, there will be a spectacular concert program, which will grandiosely conclude a holiday that has lasted almost a week. The start is scheduled for 21:30 at the Amphitheater in the EXPO-2017 territory.

In honor of the Culture Days of Almaty region, there will be a concert presented by the best creative groups of Almaty region “Zhetysu – Zhasyl Balarym”. The concert will demonstrate the cultural wealth of Zhetysu region and strong friendship of all the residents in this multinational region.

The guests will enjoy the performances by Kazakhstan's brightest stars:

·  Omirkul Ayniazov,

·  Gulnur Orazymbetova,

·  Kanat and Aytgul Kudaibergenovs,

·  Ulzhan Aynakulova,

·  Sayat Medeuov,

·  Groups “Meloman” and “Muzart-life”!  

The tickets to the Exhibition may be purchased on the official ticketing website of EXPO-2017, in official ticket offices of EXPO-2017 and from its official subagents.

We are waiting for you at the Amphitheater!


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