Comedy Club
Comedy Club 28 JULY Fri 20:00 Холл Энергии/Холл Энергии/Energy Hall 30,000 KZT
Important! You may visit this event only with the EXPO 2017 entrance ticket for this day.
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28 JULY 2017
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Партер1 ярус2 ярусАСценаB

On July 28 and 29, the residents will arrive in Astana and hold a session of laughter therapy with a national direction.

There are three things you need to know about Comedy Club. The first - it is the best humorous show in Russia with such a large army of admirers who can easily conquer the whole world. The second is that its popularity is higher than the shopping ability of girls during the sales season. And, finally, every concert of Comedy Club has one unique feature: it is always an unbelievable show! On the level of entertainment only two shows in a row can be compared to it, and soon people of Astana will witness it on their own! After all, there will be the toughest residents: Timur Batrutdinov, trio Smirnov, Ivanov, Sobolev, Demis Karibidis and Andrei Skorokhod, the USB group, musicians Zurab Matua, Andrey Averin, Dmitry “Lyusek” Sorokin and Marina Kravitz. Only for two days they will trade vacation on the ocean shore for work and launch real humorous fireworks. No one will escape its sparks, including one of the main events of the summer - "Astana Expo-2017", and the sound will be audible even in China!

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Attention! After the start of the event, you will not be able to enter the Pavilion.

The Organizer asks the spectators to be quiet during the performances, not to enter or exit the hall.

The age category of the events is 18+.

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One physical person can buy at most five tickets at a time.

The access to the Pavilion is provided in accordance with the "Rules of conduct when visiting the Exhibition", which can be found here.


1. It is forbidden to use a photoflash during the show.

2. It is forbidden to make video and audio recording of the show.

3. It is forbidden to bring food.

4. It is recommended to have an identity document.

For all questions related to buying a ticket and attending this event, you can contact the call center at the phone number: +7 717 272 71 09.