Polina Gagarina & Egor Krid
Polina Gagarina & Egor Krid 5 AUGUST Sat 18:00 Велотрек "Сарыарка"/"Сарыарқа" велотрегі/Cycle track Saryarka 6,000 - 23,000 KZT
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Polina Gagarina conquered the hearts of millions. Her voice is mesmerizing and her sincerity is touching for everyone. She is one of the best singers of our time, a multiple winner of major musical awards and honors. She is a singer, who rightly holds the title of the Woman and Singer of the Year. Meet delicate and sensitive Polina Gagarina. New choreographic staging, great storylines, awesome special effects, songs and hits that gained recognition among millions – all of this awaits the viewers of the spectacular show presented by Polina Gagarina.

Egor Krid is considered one of the most successful and popular artists of the Russian show business. Egor began his career back in 2011, when Internet users saw his first video clip for the song “Love online”, which the singer made up with his friends. In 2012, Egor became the winner of competition “Star of Vkontakte – Channel Five” in the nomination “Best hip hop project” and spoke at one of the main venues of St. Petersburg in the concert hall “Oktyabrksy” with his song “Inspiration”. In the same year, Egor Krid recorded a cover for the song Timati “Don’t be crazy”, which garnered over a million views online within a week and attracted the attention of the music label Black Star and in particular the General Director of the company, Pavel (Pasha) Kuryanov, who played a key role in Egor’s becoming an artist, helping him to find his direction and supporting him in all his endeavors.

In April 2012, Egor Krid signed a contract with Black Star, and in 2014, the artist released the single “The Most”, which brought him a nationwide popularity in Russia. In 2015, the world saw the first solo album of Egor Krid called “The Bachelor.”

On 7 March 2017, Egor Krid gained a “sold-out” in the Crocus City Hall for a second year in a row. He is only 22. He did it for the first time when he was 21. There are not so many artists in Russia who can so easily gather such a big audience, especially among young performers. Now, it has finally become obvious that Egor Krid is a “popular hero”, beloved by audiences of all ages. Once again, this proves that Egor Krid is one of the top artists in the show business today. Few people can compete with him among young performers as to how he moves, how he interacts with the audience - he is just like that and he certainly deserves much respect. Undoubtedly, if you want to feel part of the world’s show business, then you should definitely attend one of Egor Krid’s concerts. 

Currently, the musician is preparing to present his second album to his fans.

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