Cirque du Soleil. Reflekt Show
Cirque du Soleil. Reflekt Show
Цирк дю Солей павильоны / Павильон Цирка дю Солей / Cirque du Soleil Pavilion  

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Soar into a futuristic vision where ancient past, technology and modernity collide in a high-energy, acrobatic and new visual experience exclusively designed for World Expo Astana 2017.

Inspired by the history of the Kazakh nomadic culture, REFLEKT is a mysterious tale that explores the idea of renewable human energy as we journey towards a sustainable future.

Journey alongside Arman, an archeologist and hopeful dreamer as he discovers the wonders of the seven elements of life in Kazakh culture: Joy, Success, Wisdom, Well-being, Speed, Height and Growth, and Divine Protection.

Tradition is re-imagined with a future-forward twist. Cultural sounds merge with explosive electro beats. Futuristic architecture and ancient details adorn the stage. Ceremonial dance flows with contemporary choreography. Striking projection, lasers and light sculptures evoke earth elements. It’s an entirely innovative exploration and story of past and present that ultimately illuminates self-reflection: How will we use our energy and power to support a sustainable future? 

REFLEKT showcases traditional circus acts mixed with never-before seen executions at Cirque du Soleil, delivering awe-inspiring acrobatic acts that always leave the spectator wanting more and with an emotionally-packed experience that will last a lifetime.

Complete schedule of Cirque du Soleil events is available here.